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Extra Inserts Bamboo Terry

11.00 $

Extra inserts made of bamboo terry. Fits perfectly in the Cover All and Natural Snap-In diapers.

Super absorbent inserts

Experience the ultimate in softness with Elskbar bamboo terry inserts for cloth diapers. Inspired by the soft inserts of our Natural Snap-In diaper in the ‘Birds’ print, we now offer these luxurious inserts in sets. The set consists of a long impact insert and a smaller booster, made from four layers of the softest bamboo terry. This material is not only extremely soft but also retains its softness over time.

bambus indlæg til moderne stofbleer

Each insert is technically constructed with bamboo threads, carefully sewn on a mesh of polyester. This ensures that only the softest well-absorbing bamboo is in contact with your baby’s skin. Known for its antibacterial properties and excellent absorbency, bamboo is an ideal material for cloth diaper inserts. The inserts are designed to fit perfectly with both the Natural Snap-In and Cover All diapers.

These inserts are super absorbent and the long insert allows for different folding options to customize the absorption according to your child’s needs. They are ideal for use with Elskbar Cover All, where we recommend three sets of inserts per cover so that the cover can be reused until it needs washing.

You don’t need these extra inserts for the Natural Snap-In, but they can be great for updating your old inserts or boosting your baby’s diaper on long drives or overnight for extra absorbency.

The bamboo terry inserts absorb just as much as the inserts that come with the Natural Snap-In diaper, which is made of bamboo and organic cotton. The bamboo terry inserts may seem a little thicker, but they stay softer over time.

Not sure which inserts to choose? Visit our guide on the different inserts here.

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bambus frotte indlæg til moderne stofbleer



85% bamboo
15% polyester

Washing instructions


How do you wash inserts for cloth diapers?

inserts must be unsnapped from the diaper shell before washing. They can be washed up to 60 degrees with a cold pre-wash.

See detailed washing instructions for cloth diapers.


How do you dry inserts for cloth diapers?

We recommend hanging the insert to dry, but they can be tumbled on low heat if needed.

See detailed guide to drying cloth diapers.

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