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It is best to hang dry cloth diapers However, inserts can be put into the tumble dryer on low heat, but diaper shells with TPU may not.

We recommend hanging the Elskbar cloth diapers to dry. Avoid direct sunlight and heat on diaper shells as it damages the colors and waterproof coating. Inserts can be hung to dry in the sun.

Machine drying the inserts should only be on low heat. The diaper shells may not go into the tumble dryer.

Elskbar’s inserts benefit from being stretched and smoothed out in the wet conditions. When you take inserts out of the washing machine you simply stretch them to the max and then hang them to dry or put them in the tumble dryer. That way they do not curl as much and it becomes easier to put the diaper on your baby.

Bonus info:

The sun is so amazing – it can remove any stains from poop on your inserts. Try it!

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