Bamboo liners

Disposable bamboo liners

6.50 $

Disposable bamboo liners are a good solution for you who would like to avoid poop directly in the cloth diaper.

Easy handling of the dirty diaper

Elskbar’s disposable bamboo liners is silky soft and gentle on baby’s skin. The disposable liner catches poop so it doesn’t come out in the cloth diaper and you avoid having to handle the dirty diaper before washing. Simply remove the disposable liner with poop on and throw it in the bin.

The disposable liners can be used when the baby starts on solid food. Place one sheet of the liners in the cloth diaper on top of the inserts. When changing the dirty diaper, simply remove the bamboo liner and dispose of it in the bin. If there’s a pee in the diaper you’ll also have to throw out disposable liner.

Disposable bamboo liners are ideal for easy diaper changing when out of the house, at the nursery, or if you just don’t want too much handling with poop.

Poop from newborns is water-soluble and you do not need to remove it before washing. Disposable liners at this stage is therefore not a necessity.

disposable liner sheet


Disposable bamboo liners

100 sheets per roll. Each sheet measures 18x28 cm
100% bamboo viscose



We recommend throwing the disposable liner into the bin after use.