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Elskbar cloth diapers

Elskbar is created to accommodate you, who prioritizes both your child’s health and Mother Earth. If you are looking for unique and beautiful reusable products for your baby, Elskbar is the answer. We put endless hours, love, and energy into everything we do to bring you the absolute best products.


Choose our Natural Snap-In

You have to choose Elskbar’s cloth diapers if it is important for you that:

  • The diaper dries quickly as inserts can be unsnapped from the diaper shell.
  • Absorbency can be customized to your child’s needs.
  • There is more absorbency in the diaper than in most cloth diapers.
  • Materials are made of bamboo and organic cotton.
  • The diaper is narrow between the legs, so the freedom of movement is intact.
  • The print is made so beautiful that you wish your child didn’t have to wear pants!

And you also have to choose cloth diapers if you want to give your child a natural and chemical-free start in life and be better to the environment.