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Elskbar Reusable makes it easy for families to make the environmentally conscious choice and replace disposable products with unique recyclables. At Elskbar , we understand the importance of sustainability and comfort for both women and children.

Your baby is going to love being wrapped in soft and natural materials with the most beautiful and luxurious cloth diapers you can find. And now we’re expanding our range to support women in their journey towards a more sustainable and enjoyable menstrual experience.

Elskbar periode underwear are created for women who want the ultimate protection without compromising comfort. With natural materials such as TENCEL and bamboo, as well as optimal absorbency, they give you the freedom to feel safe and loved during your period.

We strive to give both your baby and yourself the best start in life with Elskbar Reusable.

Louise – Founder of Elskbar and mother of four.


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Elskbar is created for the modern and conscious parents who prioritize both the child's health and Mother Earth.
Louise - Creator of Elskbar
cloth diapers in basket

Why choose Elskbar's cloth diapers?

You have to choose Elskbar’s cloth diapers if it is important for you that:

  • The diaper dries quickly as inserts can be unsnapped from the diaper shell.
  • Absorbency can be customized to your child’s needs.
  • There is more absorbency in the diaper than most other cloth diapers.
  • Materials are made of bamboo and organic cotton.
  • The diaper is narrow between the legs, so the freedom of movement is intact.
  • The print is made so beautiful that you wish your child didn’t have to wear pants!

And you also have to choose to use cloth diapers if you want to give your child a natural and chemical-free start in life, be better at the environment and save money.

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Sustainable products for you and your baby

  • Cloth pad regular flow - Dandelions
    7.50 $
  • Medium Wetbag - Lotus
    14.00 $
  • Natural Snap-In Twigs cloth Diaper
    28.00 $
  • Period Underwear - Heavy Flow Amber
    24.80 $
I am so happy about my Elskbar period underwear. They are so soft and comfortable to wear and unlike many other period underwear, they do not "make noise" and they do not feel like wearing a diaper. It's safe and nice to wear the underwear when I'm bleeding and I feel confident that there won't be any leaks.
Tester of Elskbar period underwear.
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Bløde menstruationstrusser med behagelig pasform
Kvinder med menstruationstrusser