Cloth diaper Natural Snap-In Twigs

28.00 $

Natural Snap-In cloth diaper from Elskbar is a true luxury diaper in Danish design. With the irresistible unisex prints, super absorbent inserts in natural materials, and a perfect fit, it is going to be the best diaper in your stash.

New Updated inserts

This Twigs AIO cloth diaper comes with different inserts than you otherwise know from Elskbar Natural Snap-In.
It is the familiar design with a long snake insert and a smaller booster. These inserts are made of four layers of the softest bamboo terry. The advantage of using bamboo terry is that it stays softer for longer.

Bamboo is known to be antibacterial and a really well-absorbent material that is really good to use for cloth diapers.

General features that make Elskbar Natural Snap-In extraordinarily good:

  • Really good fit so diaper doesn’t get too big on baby
  • Inserts that can be folded in many different ways to achieve absorbency where it is most needed
  • Danish design in all details
  • Snaps with Elskbar logo

A diaper growing with the baby

This diaper can be used from about 6 – 18 kg. It is a one size diaper that can be set in three sizes using the snaps at the front of the diaper. This way you can always get the diaper to grow with your child.

cloth diaper with leaves closeup

The Snap-In AIO diaper

AIO (all-in-one) is the term for a cloth diaper where insert and diaper shell are attached to each other.

Elskbar Natural Snap-In is an AIO diaper, but with our clever design, inserts can be unsnapped, which will shorten the drying time significantly. The entire diaper needs to be washed after use, as the diaper shell has a built-in absorbency and gets wet.

We call this type of diaper a Snap-In AIO.

Super absorbent inserts made of natural materials

The diaper comes with two inserts – a long insert and a smaller booster. Both inserts are made of three layers of bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo is known to be a very absorbent material, which is suitable for cloth diapers. The organic cotton adds extra softness to the inserts.

two cloth diaper inserts with leaves
Elskbar brings nature closer to your child, and it will discover beautiful colors, flowers and trees, and soft natural materials right from the start of life.

Adjust absorbency

If your child pees a little, you can choose to only use the small booster and have a nice trim fit.
If your child pees a lot you can use the long insert that folds double.
You can use both inserts if your child pees a lot, for naps or night.
When using both inserts the diaper has 9 super absorbent layers and if you fold the long insert a second time it turns into 12 layers of absorbency. That’s a lot.
This way, you can vary and adapt absorbency to your child’s needs.

The eco-friendly choice

The waterproof part of the diaper is made of the material TPU. Often, cloth diapers have PUL as the waterproof outer layer, but it is produced by a chemical process that is not that environmentally friendly. TPU, on the other hand, is manufactured during heat treatment and is therefore free of chemical glue. We are proud to offer cloth diapers with TPU.

The inside of the diaper shell has a layer of bamboo terry which gives the diaper an extra layer of absorbency and at the same time it is soft and gentle against your child’s skin.

Boy with cloth diaper twigs

Good fit and freedom to move

There is no doubt that Natural Snap-In fits really well on many children. It is narrow between the legs, not too big on the bum, and has a snug fit around the legs without tightening too much. Together, it allows your child to move freely without being motor inhibited. A good fit also helps you avoid leaks.

It is important to put the diaper on your child in the correct way. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at our fitting guide. If the diaper is put on correctly, you have a greater chance of success with cloth diapers.


Diaper shell

Outer material
100% polyester with TPU laminate
Inner material
85% bamboo
15% polyester


70% bamboo
30% organic cotton

Washing instructions


How to wash a cloth diaper

The entire diaper should be washed after use. Just snap off the inserts before washing. The diaper has to be washed at max 60 degrees with a cold prewash. Avoid detergents containing fabric softeners, optical brighteners, or chlorine bleach.

See detailed washing instructions for cloth diapers.


How to dry a cloth diaper

We recommend hanging the insert to dry, but they can be tumbled on low heat if needed. The waterproof diaper shell, on the other hand, may not dry in the tumble dryer, as the heat can damage the waterproof TPU coating and shorten the life of the rubber bands.

See detailed guide to drying cloth diapers.