Small wetbag - Acorn

Small Wetbag Acorn

11.25 $

The most beautiful small wetbag with two pockets, so you can easily store both new and used cloth pads or cloth wipes.

Convenient small wetbag

This small wetbag is simply brilliant to bring out of the house for storing e.g. cloth pads or cloth wipes – both clean and used in the same wetbag.

The small wetbag is made of waterproof TPU and has two separate pockets with zippers. You can put the clean cloth pads or cloth wipes in one room and when they are used you just put them in the other room.

It may also contain a single cloth diaper. It is super easy storage for a little walk out of the house.

Acorn small wetbag

Many applications

Even if you don’t use cloth diapers or cloth pads there’s still a good chance you’ll be really happy to use this small wetbag.

You can use it as a small make-up bag, for fabric rounds, breast pads, like a purse, for keys and mobile phone, for baby’s little snack on the trip, for toys, and a lot of other things.


Small wetbag

20cm x 22cm
100% polyester with TPU (thermoplastic laminate)

Washing instructions


How to wash a wetbag?
The wetbag can be washed up to 60 degrees.


How to dry a wetbag
The small wetbag is best for hanging dry. High heat levels from the dryer can damage the waterproof TPU coating.