Medium wetbag - Chestnut

Medium Wetbag Chestnut

14.00 $

Perfect for when you need to get out of the house

Elskbar’s medium wetbag can be used to store used diapers when you’re out and about. It can contain 4-6 diapers and keeps wet and smell inside so that the dirty diapers can be carried in the bag without any discomfort. The wetbag can also be used in the nursery for today’s used diapers. It’s good to have 3-4 pieces for that purpose.

You will not be able to live without a wetbag once you have tried it. It is simply a must-have for the cloth diaper family.

It has a smart strap with snap fastening so it can be easily transported, hung on the pram or a knob.

Chestnut Medium Wetbag in the Woods

Only the imagination sets limits

A wetbag can be used for much more than cloth diapers. Think about everything you would normally use a plastic bag for – use a wetbag instead. For sanitary pads and wipes on the go, wet swim wear, clothes with the little accident on, camera and mobile when you’re on the beach. Only the imagination sets limits.

It is a good idea to always have a wetbag lying in the car or at the front door. You can fill it with cloth wipes, a pair of clean diapers, changing mat and a bottle of water in advance. Then you're ready to go out the door without having to remember it all on the fly. That is smart.



35 cm x 30 cm
100% polyester with TPU (thermoplastic laminate)

Washing instructions


How to wash a wetbag
You can wash a wetbag to the maximum of 60 degrees.


How to dry a wetbag
We recommend that our wetbags air dry, as tumble drying and direct heat can damage the waterproof TPU coating.