Cloth Pads Heavy Flow Goji

10.50 $

Beautiful cloth pad perfect for use at night or after birth

Lots of absorbency

Elskbar Heavy Flow is a large and absorbent cloth pad you can feel completely comfortable using. It’s perfect for those who bleed a lot, at night and as a postpartum pad.

It has the softest surface of bamboo velour and three layers of bamboo terry as absorbent core. That is 4 layers of absorbency in total. The back is a layer of waterproof TPU that prevents leakage.

The cloth pad has wings made of TPU. Since the TPU is not absorbent blood will not get to the other side of the cloth pad and you will avoid leaks.

The cloth pad is fastened around the panties with snaps so that it stays where it needs to be. You will not find that the snaps will bother you when using it.

You will never go back to disposable binders once you have tried sanitary pads! Cloth pads do not stick to the skin, they smell less than disposable sanitary pads and they give you a more healthy environment down there. At the same time, you protect the environment from large amounts of disposable sanitary pads and tampons ending at landfills.

Heavy Flow measures 31 cm in length and 7/6.5 cm in width when snapped.

Large cloth pad


Cloth Pads

Outer material
100% polyester with TPU (thermoplastic laminate)
Inner material
85% bamboo
15% polyester

Washing instructions


How to wash cloth pads
If the cloth pad is full, it may be a good idea to rinse it in the sink in cold water before washing it in the machine. Wash at max 60 degrees.


How to dry cloth pads
If you want to take good care of your cloth pads you should hang dry them. High heat levels from the dryer can damage the waterproof TPU coating.