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Let’s figure out together how many pairs you need.

How many do you need?

The number of Elskbar periode underwear you will need can vary depending on several factors. On average, you will need about 7-10 pairs for your full cycle.

However, this may depend on:

  • The heaviness of your periods: If you have a heavier flow, you might need to change your underwear more frequently, requiring more pairs.
  • Your laundry routine: Elskbar Period Underwear is machine washable, so how often you do laundry can affect the number of pairs you need.
  • Your preferred menstrual products: If you plan to use period underwear alone or in combination with a cup can influence the number of pairs you need.
  • The length of your period: More days of menstruation would typically require more pairs of underwear.

Here are some examples:

Sample kits: 2-3 pairs if you want to test how they work or if you already have other brands of menstrual panties. Part-time set: 4-6 pairs if you have a light flow or want to combine menstrual panties with a cup or tampon. Full-time set: 7-10 pairs if you want to use menstrual panties day and night during a full menstrual period.

Every woman’s body and menstrual cycles are unique, so it’s all about finding a routine that works best for you. Elskbar Menstrual panties are designed to offer flexibility and adapt to your individual needs, making managing menstruation easier and more comfortable.

You may need more Elskbar pairs than other brands recommend because the drying time of Elskbar menstrual panties is longer than other brands due to the high absorbency.

We recommend that the panties be worn up to 6-8 hours in a row before changing and washing, although they can be worn for a maximum of 12 hours.

It all depends on the preference and menstrual vigor of each woman, but we recommend using mine. 3 pairs per day; one pair in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and then switch to a pair at night.

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