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Putting on a cloth diaper requires a bit of exercise. By following these steps you will get a perfect fit and you will avoid red marks and leaks.

Here is a few simple steps on how to get a good fit with Elskbar’s cloth diapers

  • Prepare diaper by snapping in the appropriate inserts to the diaper shell. Make sure the inserts do not curl by remembering to give them a good stretch when wet.
  • Set the rise size setting using the snaps at the front of the diaper. See an example of the size setting.
  • Place the diaper under the baby with the back elastic just above the bum. Unlike disposable diapers, cloth diapers have to be much lower at the back.
  • First, pull up the inserts between the legs of the baby. Then diaper shell.
  • Make sure that the leg elastics are fully inserted into the groin – where panties usually sit.
  • While holding the front of the diaper in place on the stomach, pull each wing first upwards and then across the diaper front, to snap.
    Make sure the diaper is not too tight around the stomach by checking that there is room for two fingers.
  • Put the excess fabric at the size setting up between the snaps.
  • Check that all inserts and any liners are inside the diaper to avoid wetness pulling out and causing leaks.

Now the diaper has a good fit and your baby is ready to play again.

Remember that you can always contact Elskbar for help in putting the diaper right on. Please send us pictures so that we can give the right help. Find info here Contact.

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