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What to do with poop in the cloth diapers? It’s not as difficult and disgusting as many people think.

Dirty diapers:

There are many ways to remove the poop. The easiest way is to use disposable liners to catch the poop, and then be able to throw it out afterward. If you do not use disposable liners, the poop can be shaken off into the toilet, sprayed with a toilet sprayer, or removed with toilet paper. Do what suits your family best. It may seem a bit disgusting to start with, but it quickly becomes a routine and not at all as bad as many people think.

If the diaper is only wet, just put it directly in the diaper bucket.

If the diaper is used for the night time, it is advisable to rinse thoroughly before putting it into the diaper bucket. This prevents the smell of ammonia from settling in the inserts.

Breastfed poop:

If your baby has not yet started on solid foods, you do not need to remove the poop. Breastfeeding is water-soluble and can, therefore, go directly into the washing machine.

Storage of dirty diapers:

Used diaper are can be stored in a large wetbag or pail liner which can be put in a large bucket. Many people use the FILUR bucket or KNODD bucket from IKEA.

Both the waterproof TPU coating and inserts do not benefit from lying too long and being wet. Therefore, we recommend that the diapers are being washed every 2-3 days.

In addition, diaper must not be soaked, as this may damage the waterproof coating. Cloth diapers should be stored as dry as possible and preferably with a little airflow. Let the lid a bit of the bucket so that oxygen is added to the diapers.

Always remember to snap the inserts out of the diaper shell before washing.

Take a look at our cloth diaper washing guide.

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