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Use the smart snaps at the front of the diaper to set the rise size so it can be used from small babies to diaper-free.

With a one size cloth diaper the size can be adjusted as your baby grows. The good thing is that you can use the same diaper from small baby to diaper-free child.
The cloth diaper can also be set in size if you put more or fewer inserts in the diaper. It’s smart with the ability to customize the diaper to suit your child’s needs and size.

If the diaper suddenly leaks, leaves red marks, or you find that it’s too loose or tight like it wasn’t before, maybe it’s time to change the rise size setting. You have to try again and again to find the right setting for your child. Babies grow and change body shape and you may find that you have to adjust the size for short periods of time and then return to the same size again. For example, just before the baby becomes mobile, it can happen that diaper must be used in the largest size, and then snapped back in when the baby has dropped the “baby elastics”.

Check out our guide with an example of the size setting.

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